My Sicily

247When my Mum was a little girl, kids made fun of her because of her Sicilian heritage and her inability to speak English. Consequently, I grew up in total ignorance of the beautiful and diverse island of Sicily, until one day, out of the blue, it hit me “I’ve got Italian blood running through my veins!” Since that day, ...

 .... I’ve learned to speak Italian and have been to the land of my ancestors three times. Each time, I came back to Canada with interesting and sometimes quirky stories and beautiful photos of Sicily to share with my Mum and, through me, her eyes and heart were finally opened to embracing the marvels of her own parents’ homeland.

- Stunning trails along cliffs overlooking the azure sea; walks in tiny fishing villages where time stands still and along the cobblestone streets of lovely historic towns; forest paths and river gorges; luscious vineyards laden with grapes


- The magnificent ruins of the Greek theatre in Taormina which frames the smoldering Mt Etna 

- The Norman-Byzantine cathedral in Montreal with its millions of tiny glass mosaic “paintings”

- Fresh pasta adorned with veggies, dried fruits and seafood straight from the local market, gelato in a dazzling array of flavours, and special pastries made from the tried and true recipes of Sicilian nonnas. 

- Local wines and limoncello that ask you to indulge in “la dolce vita”


Sharing with my Mum the joy of my trips to Sicily greatly enriched my life with her, and so it will always be a special place for me. But its many treasures are there for anyone with an appreciation for timeless beauty, incomparable food, and a sense of curiosity and adventure. To experience the “Pearl of the Mediterranean” is to taste a little bit of Heaven.


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by Suzanne Bodner, Tour Leader, Today's Woman Traveller


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