The Azores - Lagoa or Legend ?

Azores sao miguel lagoa Sete cidadesIf you are unfamiliar with The Azores and you Google it, one of the most symbolic images you will see of these beautiful, volcanic islands will likely be a photograph of Lagoa das Sete Cidades on the Island of Sao Miguel. This “postcard” photograph of the twin lagoons represents just a fraction of the spectacular views you experience exploring The Azores.

Lagoa das Sete Cidades is the largest fresh-water lake in the Azores and is situated in the volcanic craters that form the Island of Sao Miguel. It is made up of two lagoons (the Green Lagoon and the Blue Lagoon) that form beautiful scenery of great natural beauty, classified as Protected Landscape.

The area around Lagoa das Sete Cidades offers many points of interest and activities. See the Hotel Monte Palace, once a five-star hotel opened in 1989 overlooking Sete Cidades but abandoned after only one year of operation. Stop at King’s View to take your own “postcard” photo. Walk or hike one of the many trails in the area or visit the small village of Sete Cidades and the Sao Nicolau Church.

But what would such a beautiful setting be without a legend? Lagoa das Sete Cidades is no exception. The Blue-Eyed Princess Legend begins in the beautiful, little village of Sete Cidades, once a kingdom where the beautiful, blue-eyed Princess Antília lived. One day, on a stroll among the green fields of the region, the Princess met a green-eyed shepherd walking his flock of sheep playing a flute and they instantly fell in love. As the days passed, the beloved young couple met under the same old tree where they first met, falling deeper in love each day.

The King, who desired his daughter marry a Prince from a neighbouring kingdom, discovers the young couples love and forbid it. Desperate, the Princess Antília begs her father for one last visit with the shepherd. When the Princess and the Shepherd met for the last time, they cried and cried. They cried so much that their tears formed two lagoons: from the blue eyes of the Princess the Blue Lagoon and from the green eyes of the Shepherd the Green Lagoon was formed. So although the young lovers were forbidden to ever see each other again, their tears would forever remain side by side, as Lagoa das Sete Cidades.

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