Fostering our Elephant(s)!

ElephantFosteringIf you've known me for a while, you may remember I fostered a baby elephant, Dupoto, from The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. Here's the blog I wrote about that amazing experience.

Well now there is very good news: ‘my’ Dupoto (at 4 years old)

is being integrated back into the wild (good luck, little girl!) and of course Today’s Woman Traveller simply can’t be elephant-less, so we decided to foster another baby. This one is named Kuishi. Denise, from TWT, is fostering Kuishi. As leader of this year’s safari, Denise will likely see Kuishi when the group visits Sheldrick National Trust this September.

As a foster parent we receive monthly updates on Kuishi’s progress along with monthly watercolour paintings of the orphans. The idea is that we can print these off and keep a journal of our elephant’s progress and reintegration back into the wild.

That is what we particularly like about The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: each orphan will eventually be integrated back into the wild and we become part of the rewarding process.

We are so looking forward to following her journey to adulthood and we hope to be able to see her in person when we visit Kenya this September.

Kuishi3To see more images of Kuishi and to read her journal, access this link. And here is information about the fostering process.

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