“I’m Uncomfortable Travelling Alone”

italy cinqueTerre view three ladies‘Travelling on my own makes me very nervous - I’ve never done it before.”

Oh, if I had a dollar for every woman who has told me that, I’d be a rich woman.

And I understand! If you are widowed or single, it’s unsettling to have to get your flights booked, sort through insurance options, choose comfortable, safe and reasonably priced hotels, arrange local transportation and arrange your transfers to/from the airport. Then once you are there and enjoying yourself, you experience the feeling of wishing you could share your experiences with someone else. Yes, it IS scary and can be lonely too!

I have been travelling for a living for over 38 years and I know what it’s like to travel alone and I know what it's like to have a travel companion. Sometimes it makes a world of difference to the enjoyment of a travel experience...

If you find it overwhelming to travel totally on your own, the mid range option is to travel solo, but with a group of other solo women. Then you get to visit locations arranged by tour leaders who know the area, who know the drivers, who know the flights and can offer you such valuable guidance, you’ll leave your worries behind.

Also, if you wish to share accommodations with another woman, you will lower the cost of your trip. We offer travellers a Guaranteed Share Rate (GSR). The GSR is perfect for two singles who will share a twin bedded room. In the case where there are not enough women to share a twin room, we pay the single supplement difference. This Guaranteed Share Rate allows you to book with us knowing that you will be assured the lower shared twin cost.

BUT, please don’t take my word for it. See what our previous travellers tell us after they return:

together in pienza it300px“I can’t thank you enough for our amazing adventure. It was something that was so out of my comfort zone, but what an amazing experience. I so enjoyed meeting all of the women on the trip and every single one of them were amazing. I feel so fortunate to have travelled with all of you. Best trip ever!”   J.R. Burlington

“Thank you so very much for organizing the trip to India. It was delightful and thoroughly enjoyable. Our small group allowed us to do things a large tour group would never be able to do. The stops to the brick yard, the gypsy caravan along the highway, the marble yard, the visit to the Hindu temple to see the food preparation and food service to so many, the walk about in Old Goa. Jana, you were always so thoughtful and considerate of each of us. I felt that we were a group of friends from the beginning. You were so very accommodating. It gave me comfort to travel with you and not alone.”    Z.J.D. Toronto

“I really enjoyed our trip, every aspect of it. I think you did an amazing job organizing and orchestrating it. Thank you so much! I felt safe the whole time, as I am sure all the others did too. Thank you again for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Namaste.”   M.P. Ottawa

“I travelled my first time with Today’s Woman Traveller in 2015 to Vietnam and Cambodia. I went on my own not knowing anyone else on the trip. Several of the ladies had travelled with Today's Woman Traveller on previous trips, forming friendships that carried over into new destinations. Their enthusiasm and positive comments set the stage for this amazing journey. We were fourteen ladies on this inaugural trip. We quickly became friends and continue to stay in touch and meet up from time to time. I will be doing the next two trips with women I met on this trip. Every part of this trip was memorable and unique: from sailing Halong Bay, supporting our guide's clean water project in Cambodia, to Miss Vy's cooking school in Hue. There was flexibility in the tour, time to chill, time to tour - I loved every single minute and can't wait to pack my bags for the next adventure. I would highly recommend Today's Woman Traveller to any woman considering setting off on her own or with others to explore the world.”    A.M. Uxbridge, ON

So when you feel it's time to get away, take a look at our trips and itineraries, then give me a call (1-888-830-5324) and I’ll help with all your details. I truly want to help you make memories that you’ll treasure forever!

Debbie Lloyd,
Founding Owner, Today's Woman Traveller

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