A great idea for a travel shoe!

Skin sole shooz700pxWhat a great idea for a travel shoe!

Called Shooz - it’s a shoe where the upper separates from the sole via a zipper.

So when you travel all you need to do is take one set of soles (which you’d likely wear) and then pack several pairs of uppers. The uppers (they call them ‘skins’) lie flat, so you can pile them on top of each other and you can take LOTS of shoes with you AND they all easily fit in a carry-on or backpack or in an outside flap of your luggage.

Shooz stack300px        Shooz pack300px

When you want to change shoes you simply unzip the upper/skin you're wearing, re-zip a different skin onto the sole. And there you have it! Another pair of shoes.

A further advantage is that if only the sole wears out, you simply replace the sole and can keep wearing and continue to enjoy each upper with your new Shooz zippable sole.

These shoes are made of Italian leather, have a water-proof zipper and are non-GMO.

For more information, visit Shooz .

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