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together in pienza it300pxI have been travelling for a living for over 35 years and I know what it’s like to travel alone and I know what it's like to have a travel companion. Sometimes it makes a world of difference to the enjoyment of a travel experience.

Although we are fortunate to have many repeaters on our tours, all our tours have new ladies signing on for the first time. In a typical group size of 8 to 14 ladies, 3 will be repeaters and the rest will be first timers with us. As virtually all the women who travel with us for the first time come as individuals this presents a nice level playing field as to the ratio of new travellers with us and repeaters.

Our tours offer two rates: ‘Sharing twin accommodation’ and ‘Single accommodation’.

Many women, for the first time anyway, decide to take the single accommodation. They like the organization and the camaraderie of the tour but they prefer their own space when it comes to accommodation.

Although we genuinely try to keep 'single supplements' to a minimum, many women are interested in sharing twin accommodation rather than incur a single supplement charge. Unfortunately not all women have someone in their immediate circle to travel and share costs with. At Today’s Woman Traveller we try to facilitate an easy and friendly environment for women to find a travel friend for any of our escorted tours or their own independent journeys.

share a room 2For women who want to share twin accommodation we are happy to offer our Guaranteed Share Rate (GSR). The GSR is perfect for two singles who will share a twin bedded room. In the case where there are not enough women to share a twin room, we pay the single supplement difference. This Guaranteed Share Rate allows you to book with us knowing that you will be assured the lower shared twin cost.

In a perfect world finding someone with the same interests or expectations would be a dream come true. Unfortunately there always needs to be some 'give and take' when entering a shared accommodation situation.

Keep in mind that just because you are sharing accommodation doesn't automatically mean that you will do things together. It is quite usual for the person who gets the shower first to go ahead to breakfast while the other is getting ready for the day's activities. It is also quite usual for one of the two sharing to spend their daytime, mealtime, and or free-time with other passengers or even on their own.

Please understand that Today’s Woman Traveller does not acknowledge responsibility for the successful match of those deciding to share accommodation.

For some, having your own space and quiet time is very important to the enjoyment of their trip. Don't compromise yourself for the sake of a 'single supplement'. Note that just because you have chosen to have your own accommodation doesn't mean that you will be alone. After all, you are a part of a group tour.

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And next week, watch for tips on how to be a good travel companion.

You are always welcome to contact me personally for any comments, questions, and suggestions. 

Debbie Lloyd, Owner
Today’s Woman Traveller

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