What's better? Solo travel or travel with a companion?

blog250px cwt cambodia groupWell, here it is – the depths of winter. So far, it's been a rough winter in northern America and warm climates are on your mind. You have the time. You have the money. So now, the travel dilemma ...go solo or find a friend to go with?

If you travel solo:

You can decide where you want to go with no ties to someone else.

You need only consider your own financial means.

You don't need to worry about someone else's schedule.

Once at your destination, you decide what activities you want to do.

You'd feel a sense of pride and accomplishment to do it on your own.

BUT, travelling alone is:

Lonely. it's not easy eating alone in a restaurant.

You miss sharing beautiful scenery and nature with another person.

Set up for pairs – double rooms, double kayaks, 2 for 1 happy hour.

Not as safe. You're more likely to stay in your room at night and miss out on the local nightlife.

Expensive. The single prices can be steep.

Less stimulating. Often travel companions encourage each other to do things outside their comfort zone - then surprisingly enjoy the experience.

Another choice - the best of both worlds

Another choice exists and it offers the best of both worlds - travel solo with a small tour group. This option has the advantages of solo travel as well as the pluses of companion travel. Many groups offer you the choice of sharing a room with another person on the tour or booking a room on your own. You will always have someone to eat meals with or you can go off on your own when you prefer. Ample free time is usually built into itineraries.

The better tour companies provide a Guaranteed Share option on some of their organized tours. This means you can go ahead and reserve your space on the tour and know that you will pay the twin share rate. If and when someone of the same gender books and also wants to take advantage of the share/twin rate they can be accommodated with you. If another person does not book on wanting to share you will get the twin room to yourself and the tour company will pay the single supplement.

Group tour agents can also guide you on questions to consider when choosing your new roommate from the roster of people traveling on the trip. There are lots of considerations and personal preferences.

And one final advantage of solo travel with small tour groups – you benefit from the expertise of your tour guide. They've been to these places before. They know the good hotels in the best locations, restaurants, markets and the hidden gem sites that are must-sees.

There's no good reason to put off booking that late winter getaway. Do it now. You deserve it.

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