Jo-Anne Tinlin

Joanne KingstonMy intrigue to travel began at 19 years old when I was fortunate to meet two girls my age from Scotland visiting one of my neighbours. Since I was their age, I was asked to show them around on a tour of Eastern Ontario. One year later, I toured Scotland for a month with these girls and I was bitten by the "Travel Bug".

Travel had to be put aside when life happened with job and kids but it was never too far in the back of my mind. In 2011, I was asked to organize and lead a tour for a band and group of their fans to the Caribbean. That same year I toured Ireland with my Mom and the bug hit again. I continued to lead band tours to Caribbean and enjoy travelling solo or with friends to Scotland, Italy and Greece.

I enjoy sharing the experience of travelling the world with others. I always say to my friends, "Life is too short and the world so big not to enjoy it through travel."


"Jo-Anne did an amazing job coping with the unexpected weather situation, finding us accommodation, re-arranging the schedule, handling myriad logistical challenges. I really appreciated her focus and calmness.
Jo-Anne knew the places we visited, was able to direct us to places, point things out, and knew about or found good restaurants. A great sense of adventure and fun to travel with! " - MJD, Ottawa

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