Judi Bodnar

JudiInBudapestI’m a passionate traveller and have travelled extensively around the world, both in groups and on my own.

I was born in Budapest, Hungary and immigrated to Canada in the late 1960’s.

Throughout my career and various management positions, I've learned the joys of guiding, organizing and communicating with people.

Being highly adventurous, I delight in uncovering hidden, lesser-known places and as a tour guide, look forward to sharing these places and other unique experiences with the group.

The guided tours I lead provide unique, enriching and unforgettable experiences and opportunities to learn about the history, experience the culture and unique nature of each country we visit and get first-hand experience of life with the locals. On each of our tours, in addition to arranging to see the highlights of the city being visited, I love to lead the group down backstreets to discover locals-only places and to ensure that we can have great culinary experiences as well.

Both in groups and on my own, I have visited many places all over the world, including Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, U.S. and across Canada. Indeed, travel is my passion, as is guiding and sharing these experiences with others.

My current tours are varied and consist of tours to:

  • Vietnam and Cambodia with an optional extension to Hong Kong, and
  • Budapest, Hungary

Each of these tours is absolutely fascinating and provides for an unforgettable exciting journey, and an experience you will treasure for life. We will not only have an enriching journey but a fun and adventurous experience on each one.

I am thrilled and proud to guide you on the trip to my home country, Hungary, and notably, Budapest – the capital Hungary and the jewel of Eastern Europe, nicknamed the Queen of the Danube. Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I look forward to showing you the many UNESCO World Heritage sites, internationally renowned museums, galleries, famous geothermal springs, enchanting castles, and life with the Hungarian locals. Not to mention the best restaurants where we can enjoy scrumptious Hungarian food, pastries and wine, and gypsy music. Having grown up in Budapest, I am able to offer you a truly local experience and show you the hidden jewels of this amazing city. Here is the Budapest, Hungary itinerary.

I am also excited to share with you the highlights of Vietnam, Cambodia with the add-on to Hong Kong. Vietnam and Cambodia have become the destination to visit among world travellers. Vietnam is rich in culture, has a unique historical legacy, awe-inspiring landscapes and French colonial past. Cambodia has its extensive temple ruins at Angkor, which is without a doubt one of the world’s greatest architectural achievements. The Hong Kong add-on will offer the perfect closing experience for this journey. Read more about my Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong itinerary.

I look forward to being tour guide on each one of these fascinating journies!

To book your tour, call Debbie (1-888-830-5324) or click the Reserve Now tab from the itinerary page for each tour.


Meet Judi in this video (4:20 min). Here, Judi explains her love for Budapest, Hungary: Queen of the Danube and for Bali. 



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